“The Phoenix-Effekt”

An executive’s guide to innovation management and marketing

154 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-86906-314-0

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Book review: Inspiration for innovation managers

Imagine: You’re the head of marketing in a major software company. Your colleagues in sales are eager for a chance to share and discuss ideas with your customers’ heads of IT. What do you do? Easy: Invite all the IT heads from Europe’s best-known companies to a meeting with your company’s top-level management. You’re thinking: It would never work. And you’re probably right – unless, of course, you were to invite them to an IT Vision Tour with Bill Gates.

That’s just what Regina Mehler did – and succeeded in taking 20 senior European IT heads on a five-day journey to the United States. Besides numerous compelling project examples like this, Regina Mehler spotlights various methods that heads of marketing and their teams can use to come up with smart, innovative ideas and win the buy-in of company execs, co-workers and outside partners – even without big budgets or lots of resources.

“At long last, a book on innovation from a top manager’s perspective! Regina Mehler serves up a rich selection of examples illustrating seven key success factors that promote innovation in everyday business. For instance, marketing your innovation team and yourself within your organization is just as important to the success of innovations as your creative techniques. It’s great that someone has at last demonstrated this with such clarity.

The book is entertaining, inspiring and a highly recommended read for anyone in corporate management. It’ll make you laugh and even cry. And at the end of the day, it will be a source of encouragement to all the maverick thinkers, contrarians and innovators out there.”

Sven Gábor Jánszky (trend researcher, head of the 2b AHEAD Think Tank, and book author)